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Adventure Trips in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are most sought after by tourists. Dubai is situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It may not have the greenest of environments, but the stunning desert landscape is a natural wonder to behold and explore. The massive Arabian desert that surrounds Dubai, the Persian Gulf and the neighboring Hajar Mountains provide the residents of Dubai with ample avenues to explore their adventurous side. Be it desert safaris and dune bashing, or deep sea fishing and mountain biking, the popularity of most Dubai adventure activites has grown immensely.

If you’re a resident of Dubai or visiting the emirate for a few days and would love to experience something outside of the glitz-filled extravagances that Dubai has become famous for, then these adventure activities will quench your thirst.

You can find great places for adventure trips in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all emirates on


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