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Cafe & Bars are all around in Dubai.

Iconic attractions like The Palm and a commendable hospitality industry aside, the emirate of Dubai is also known for its vibrant culinary experiences and artisanal coffee culture — made all the more apparent with the plethora of cafes and coffee places in almost every area in the city. From tiny hole-in-the-wall outlets with entertaining owners full of interesting stories to swanky international coffee conglomerates, there’s a wide selection of memorable cafes in Dubai. Some attract customers by offering quirky Instagrammable experiences, while others set themselves apart by offering luxurious perks, like coffee made from premium quality beans. Spoilt for choice? From wonderfully quaint cafes to the trendiest coffee shops in the emirate, here is our master list of the best cafes in Dubai.

If you are always looking for something unique and fun to try over weekends in the city, there are several themed bars in Dubai that stand out from the crowd. These bars go above and beyond the norm and offer a scintillating nightlife experience in Dubai!

Here is a list of the top 10 themed bars in Dubai which feature eclectic interiors and menus inspired by various unique concepts including early 1920s music to horse racing! These bars offer an impeccable experience with an interesting mix of theatrics, delicious food and plenty of drinks for an evening well spent.

List of Cafe & Bar in UAE can be found on

This sums up our list of the best themed bars in Dubai for a truly unique experience. Some of these bars have live music bands known for their electrifying performances.

There are other scintillating bars in Dubai that offer premium services, interesting cocktails, beverages and great food.




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