From humble beginnings Victoria Group emerged to become a key player in the various market sectors from the creation of the School to the emergence of the other sectors namely: Printing, Aluminium & Glass, and Plastic Industries. Although quite different they all share the same enthusiasm and the tenacity to succeed in a difficult market place. In fact we have expanded. The School is running at full capacity, Victoria Printing has recently moved to larger premises and has invested in new, state of the art machinery. Victoria Plastic is looking to diversify in new products and is currently in talks with machine manufacturers. Victoria Aluminium and Glass are involved in major contracts. It is this tenacity and the will to succeed that defines us. All this we built on the strength of our reputation and we have emerged from these difficult times stronger and more determined than ever in fact we are now setting standards that others follow. We believe that if you look after your customers they in turn will look after you

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