Visa fine waiver mechanism launched for Indians in UAE

India all set to receive Indians home

Those intending to travel must give in the application at least seven working days ahead of their intended date of travel.

Indian nationals wishing to avail the ongoing overstay visa fine waiver scheme provided by the government of UAE are advised to submit their applications to Indian diplomatic missions announced the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday.

The mission has urged all Indian nationals whose visas have expired before March 1 to avail of this opportunity to leave the country without paying any fines until August 1.

Those intending to travel must give in the application at least seven working days ahead of their intended date of travel, said the Embassy. An official with the Consulate General of India in Dubai told Khaleej Times the scheme is applicable for all visa types – including residence and visit visa holders.

The Embassy announced in a press note, “UAE has announced a fine waiver scheme for all foreign residents in UAE, whose visas have either expired before March 1, 2020, or whose stay has not been regularised in the country as on date.”

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It added, “As per the waiver scheme, valid till August 17 this year, they are permitted to leave the country without making any payment of fines for the period.”

“All such cases of Indian nationals are required to be approved by the competent UAE authorities and to be coordinated through the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi – for people residing in Emirate of Abu Dhabi/visa issued from Abu Dhabi – and through Consulate General of India in Dubai – for people residing or visa issued from Dubai and Northern Emirates of Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman,” said the Embassy.

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The missions have also appealed to Indian community organisations and associations to spread the message among Indian nationals and to also help individuals needing amnesty with the documentation required to make it a smooth process.

“They are also requested to connect them with the Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Consulate in Dubai for quick processing of waiver applications, to address the needs of such distressed people,” said the Embassy.

Here is how you can apply for amnesty?

Apply via e-mail

>The concerned persons need to send an application in a prescribed format available on the Consulate and Embassy website.

>Including details of their passport, local contact: mobile number, email address, visa copy etc. with supporting documents to (for Abu Dhabi cases) and (for Dubai and Northern Emirates Cases).

>It should be sent at least seven working days before the intended date of travel to India.

Apply in-person

>If people are not able to scan or send documents by email, they are advised to drop their applications in the prescribed format in the drop boxes outside the Embassy and Consulate for this purpose.

>Copy of passport (first, last and visa page) and phone number etc. are required.

>In case of visit visa, a copy of the visa should also be enclosed.

All applicants must have a travel document

>Any Indian national desirous of availing visa fine waiver should also ensure that they are in possession of a valid travel document to travel to India, such as the passport.

>In case, they are not in possession of a passport, they can approach the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the Indian Consulate in Dubai for issuance of a passport or an emergency travel certificate (EC), as the case may be, before applying for the visa fine waiver.

>It may be noted that once the EC is issued, the passport is automatically cancelled in the system and cannot be used.

>A person travelling on EC would need to apply for a fresh passport only upon arrival in India

What happens after submission of documents?

>The Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi or the Consulate General of India, Dubai will ensure that the applications are forwarded to the concerned UAE authorities at the earliest possible for processing.

>It will inform the concerned persons by phone or email once their request of waiver or visa fines are approved by UAE authorities.

>At least five working days are needed to process the documents, after which the applicant should leave the country at the earliest possible.

Crowding outside the missions is not allowed

Crowding outside the Embassy or Consulate is to be strictly avoided, especially in these COVID-19 times, advised the missions.


Visa Fine Waiver Source: KT


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