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Citylights Dubai Issue 35  book features:

1.Park Chanyeol the K-Pop star, member of the boy band EXO. This book has access to exclusive high resolution images of Chanyeol and has exclusive coverage to his interviews, and life, and his latest songs. It talks about his life, his love for music, how he became a K-Pop star and a member of EXO. It covers his latest song interview ‘Yours’ with raiden and Changmo

2.Pyramids of Giza: The wonderful journey filled with mystery and riches. This book covers, why pyramids were built, and what they contain, and has exclusive content that has been researched by historians, and documentary film makers. All those who want to visit Egypt must read this to start getting a feel of magic.

3.In the business section, we cover an interview with Adam J Epstein, investment advisor on how CEOs and business leaders must start looking at things to reopen business in the pandemic situation.

4.The construction sector this issue covers the top 10 engineering companies in the field of construction, the major projects they are dealing with, and the revenues they have made.

5.The COVID-19 situation has left many of scramble for health. Mukta, Dietitian from Eat Rrite, talks about those super foods that help us build our immunity. A must read for all in this pandemic

6.A rendezvous with Nicole Rodrigues, CEO Diva Dubai who has been making waves in the modeling industry. An award winning enchantress, Nicole talks about how to succeed in life and be a better human being

7.In the food section, we have an exclusive recipe for Risotto, and how to make it an authentic one, with flavors of Italy drizzling in

8.In the Traveler section, Citylights Dubai had access to the first time story ever to be published. The man who brought the Gold of an entire city in Nagpur, India.

9.In the restaurant section, we take you to Divya’s Kitchen in New York who runs an Ayurvedic restaurant. Extremely rare and well accepted by the community, this place speaks wonders. Read this section to find out more

10.We have the ready to wear collection 2020 by Fendi in this issue. The colors are very sober, and have made splash in the fashion industry

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Citylights is a lifestyle magazine that focuses on celebrities who have made a difference in the lives of common people, places to visit in the gulf sector, business news, events, culture and food from middle east, and a special section the designs by the greater brands.


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